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Pits R’ Us is run by a small group of volunteers and we are foster based. We do not have set hours or a facility. Please be patient for our response. Thank you for visiting PitsRUs.Org.

Pits R’ Us

Mailing Address:
Pits R’ Us All Breed Rescue & Adoptions
P.O. Box 575
Elmira, CA 95625

Adoption/Foster Inquiries

Please see the information on the Application page for more information and how to apply for specific pets available for Adoption and Fostering.

Animal Surrender

We are currently unable to take any dog or cat surrenders. You can visit our Facebook page and post the pets information on hopes someone is able to adopt. We do have room for barn animals and small animals. If you need help with a large animal or small animal please email us or message us on Facebook.


We do not pick up or remove stray animals. All stray animals need to be reported to your nearest Animal Control Agency.  Many animal owners have their pet microchipped in case their animal is lost, and the shelter is the first place an owner will look for their lost pet. Please do NOT send us emails in regards to stray animals. We can not assist with them. We pull the majority of dogs from our local shelter, so if you do turn in a lost pet that is not claimed by its owner, and in the event it is not placed in the shelters adoptable section, we can then step in and rescue the animal. Thank you.

If you’re trying to get in contact with us for something other than what is listed above please email us at moc.o1594685136ohay@1594685136707su1594685136rstiP1594685136